Where each day's colors blend to become "My Stained Glass Life"

Butterflies & Lilacs

Welcome to My Stained Glass Life!  I’m so excited to begin the journey of writing and sharing my life with you all!  Today’s post feels a little bit like the first day of a new job.  You’re putting your best out there, have on your favorite outfit, a manicure, lipstick on.  You are practicing in your head all of the ways you are going to show how awesome you are.  You are so excited to jump into something new, with a stomach full of butterflies.

Well, okay, maybe it’s not like a new job, really.  I’m sitting in my favorite nitey wrapped in a blanket on a Saturday afternoon.  My kids keep interrupting my thoughts and keep trying to sneak a peek at what I’m doing.  I really should put a load of laundry in the washer.  But I’m still all pumped up, so excited to jump into this new part of my life, and I’m full of butterflies.  I just read my About page to my husband, and he was so proud!  He went out and picked me some lilacs, put them in a vase, and set them on the desk next to my laptop.  He gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me he was proud of me.  I guess my About page has made an impact!  You should check it out.  🙂

So what can you expect from my blog?  Well, goals for the next few months are to share some quirky fun food, gardening, and decorating ideas, bring you a few articles I’m writing about bringing out the best in your child with Asperger’s and link to the latest autism research.  Our family’s life can get crazy and is definitely unpredictable.  We will share our mistakes as well as our successes, because our take on life is that the missteps in life add character!  And we certainly are a bunch of characters!


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