Where each day's colors blend to become "My Stained Glass Life"

Well, the evening is winding down.  I’m exhausted, but excited for a busy day tomorrow.  Bass and Queenie are both beginning new adventures tomorrow – becoming entrepreneuers!  Bass has been developing his own dog treat company since November.  He is proud of it.  He has worked hard to develop a marketing plan, tested products, figured out the numbers for how much it takes to produce, how much he needs to sell his product for.  His next step is creating a website.  Tomorrow, however, he is going to become a salesman!

This all seems exciting and cool for a 13 year old boy, but the story behind getting to this point has been filled with lots of ups and downs!  Bass has recently made a transition to the high school after years of bullying at his middle school.  Some of this may been a misperception on his part due to his lack of social understanding at times, but a lot of it really was just mean kids being mean!  It has been so tough to see Bass struggle, have his heart broken and his ego shattered.  Enough was enough this past fall, and we finally pulled Bass out of school all together!  This was a difficult decision, but looking back it is a decision I have NO regrets about!

The time that he spent out of school helped us refocus on his gifts and talents, his interests, and allowed us to begin to rebuild his self esteem and our relationship with him.  We have had a rough couple of years with med changes, mood swings, and ‘being a teenager.’  There were certainly days when he and I just did NOT like each other!  And there were days when I could see my little 5 year old boy again, full of questions and wanting to discover!  He has begun to discover that Asperger’s makes some things different for him, and that’s okay!  He is realizing that everyone struggles with something – and Asperger’s is HIS thing.  He has begun to find ways to take a step back and calm down when he needs to.  He has begun to get the fight or flight response under control.  His anxiety is lower.  He has discovered music and how powerful it is.  He has found that he is a talented bass player and is now interested in taking up guitar.  He has found that animals soothe and calm him.  He is really just such an amazing kid!

I know that we have lots of days ahead that are not always going to be fun, but tomorrow I get to sit back and enjoy the hard work that he and I have put in to get this point.  To put it in perspective, two years ago his anxiety was so high that I could not get him to leave the house!  I’m very thankful that his passions have allowed us a way in, a way to get some of life’s lessons through to him, and a safe way for him to show his compassion and love!  Now he wants to go out to the farmer’s market and talk to people about one of his passions – dogs!  Although, I think he might be more interested in talking to the dogs attached to the people!  Lulu once said when she was very small, “Mom, look at that dog taking their human for a walk.”  I think that’s the way Bass sees the world!  Every puppy should have a boy!


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